Full Mouth Rehabilitation​

Full Mouth Rehabilitation​

If you are considering full mouth rehabilitation, the initial step is to visit City Dental Hospital, the top dental hospital in Rajkot, for a consultation with one of our qualified specialists.

The processes of rebuilding or concurrently repairing all teeth in both the upper and lower jaws are called full mouth reconstruction, rehabilitation, and restoration.

Oral surgeons, periodontists (who specialise in the gums), orthodontists (who specialise in tooth motions and positions), endodontists, and general or restorative dentists are among the dental professionals. The latter frequently undertake whole mouth reconstruction (specialising in the tooth pulp).
Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full Mouth Rehabilitation Treatment Planning

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Full mouth rehabilitation may be necessary as a result of:

The Process for Full Mouth Rehabilitation Treatment Planning

Procedure and Process Treatment

We are committed to provide the best quality, comfort and care when you are having any dental problems.
We also promise that we will explain what procedures and processes we’re doing.
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1. Check Up

Our dentists will do a routine checkup for dental issue which is essential for proper treatment.

2. Explanation

City Dental's Expert team of doctors will understand your problem and give you a customised solution.

3. Treatment

After analyzing patient's dental condition, we recommend treatment to patient to prevent problems.

4. Follow-up

We want all our patients to be 100% satisfied, our team will be in touch with you for any queries.

Procedure for Full Mouth Rehabilitation Treatment Planning

What procedures are necessary for your particular situation, which can only be assessed by your dentist and the team of professionals doing your full mouth reconstruction? Ask your dentist about all potential operations necessary for your case and under what conditions. Other treatments could possibly be offered. The majority of reconstructions need several stages and office visits. Depending on your circumstances, it is customary to anticipate that therapy will last 12 months or longer. According to your requirements, one or more of the following processes may be involved:

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Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Full mouth rehabilitation is the restoration of the form & function of the masticatory apparatus to as nearly a normal condition as possible.

Yes, definitely your chewing efficiency will increase after our Full Mouth Rehabilitation treatment.

Yes will give you temporary teeth with temporary cementation once within a week period of time you get adjust to it then & then only your permanent teeth cementation would be carried out on this Full Mouth rehabilitation treatment

No, you won’t have any type of joint problem after competition of Full Mouth Rehabilitation

Yes, you will definitely get better esthetic & smile as now you are having with Full Mouth Rehabilitation

We will provide you a night guard which you have to wear at night time it will help you to dissipate your occlusal forces, brushing twice, mouth wash once at night, regular checkup every 6months.

Yes, definitely you will get relief from your joint pain after Full Mouth Rehabilitation, Which will clear the causes of the pain.

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